About Us

Welcome to BDTechHouse24. Bdtechhouse24 is a website for tips and tricks.  Which will help meet your technical needs.

There is no registration required to read any topic here.  And comment on any topic you have your complaint, opinion or suggestion or mail to matubbormdkawsar@gmail.com.

Our Target:

"I will spread the knowledge of technology among everyone."  We established bdtechhouse24.com in 2020 with this concept.  Our main objective behind establishing the site is to spread the knowledge of technology in Bangla among all.  And make everyone adapt to the current world.  We also want everyone in Bangladesh to have the right idea about using technology.

BDTechHouse24 believes that knowledge is just for sharing.  If you would like to share your knowledge with us all, BDTechHouse24 welcomes you.